Guillaume Saur is a visual artist based in Montreal that probes his environment and collects an emotional and topographical selection of it through photography.

            While exploring the notion of physical and digital territories, he experiments with visual installations and composes with the materiality of his surroundings by creating a segmented world of images within a third idealized space.
            His work aims to reconnect emotions and personal experiences in visual intentions through a colourful obsession and intents to redefine the line between what is personal and what becomes collective.

2020 - BFA Studio art, Photography program, Concordia, Montreal, Canada (expected graduation)

2007 – French Baccalaureate in Literature, Lycée Michelet, Montauban, France


Grants & Awards

2018 - Faculty of Fine Arts Development Fund Scholarship, Concordia University, Montreal

2018- Fine Art Student Alliance, Special Project Grant, Concordia University, Montreal
Exhibitions & Festivals
Solo exhibitions

2017 – Her & I, Espace des Mêmes, Montreal

2016 – Le monde de l’exil, photobook launch, La boutique noire MTL, Montreal

2016 – Triptyque & Nuancée, Kafein Café-Bar, Montreal

2015 – J’ai peur des poissons, photobook launch, Thazard, Montreal

Group exhibitions

2019 - Would You Bury Me, Art Matters Festival, Place Publique, Darling Foundry, Montreal

2019 – Misconstructed, Vav Gallery, Montreal

2019 – On a Scale of 1 to 10, Galerie du Viaduc, Montreal

2018 – Traces of Process, CPC's group show, Glass Door Gallery, Montreal

2018 – BLUEPRINTS, Art Matters Festival, Vav Gallery, Montreal

2016 – Analog MTL, Matahari Loft, Montreal

2014 – Foire d'art, Espace Pop, Montreal

2014 – La couleur de la viande, Lapin Pressé Café, Montreal

2016 – Lisbon Story, UP! Urban Photography Magazine

2012 – 5 Tumblr Montreal, Nightlife Magazine


2017 – Electric Triptych, Hunger TV Magazine - Hunger Magazine

2017 – Artist Biography, Analogue Vibes Magazine - Analogue Vibes Magazine

2013 – Taper dans l’oeil, Ton Barbier Magazine


Related work experiences

2019 –  Co-curation, The Waste Land exhibition, Concordia Photography Collective, Skol, Montreal  

2018 – 2019 - Booking Officer/Social Media Coordinator, CPC, Montreal

2015 - 2016 – Co-funder & Photographer of Creative Collective “Liberi Noctis” Montreal

2011 - 2013 – Head Merchandiser & Window Designer Canada, American Apparel, Montreal