Topography of Modern Surfaces is a five minute long video piece exploring the urban sprawl and the emergence of new materials in Montreal’s soaring neighbourhoods.

This video is acting as both a meticulous documentation of the imagery of the condos and growing urban infrastructure, and also as a selection of the physical and raw materials that have been used to build this “new Montreal”. This piece is confronting the physicality of the urban environment through the medium of video in order to re-question notions of authenticity and challenge the concept of time by documenting with moving images. This piece is composed on a white canvas by addition or subtraction of visual and musical patterns.

The imagery present in this video is a combination of monochromatic and abstract close-ups of surfaces brought together in a single frame. I composed every frame with a minimalistic approach and allow the images to appear and disappear at a slow paste in order to let them penetrate the viewer. By compartmentalizing colours and abstracting ideas through the lens, this work strives to manipulate multichromatic frames in order to create an emotive ambiance intrinsically linked to my personal vision. Abstraction allows the work to act non-figuratively, and create a dreamlike and ambient narrative.

My visual works have musical patterns and a rhythmic sequence aspect to it. The soundtrack present in this video is following this notion of pattern and flow between the moving images through an ambient and musical spread. A new musical instrument is introduced for each visual frame and validates the concept of composition by adding and subtracting forms.
Please listen with headphones