Earth observation satellites, surveillance technologies and the digitalization of our personal information have completely reshaped the way we function as human and drastically transform the notion of the collective body. These satellite technologies operate with a “God Eye Perspective” which tends to isolate the individual self and force the body to dissociate itself from its natural non-political representation. 
Topography of the Invisible Self, create a non-political and independent body form that can exist without being interpreted by machines. A new personal body that can materialize itself in a world of pixel without being constrained, limited or surveyed. By re-appropriating technology, the body finally finds a free form of expression in an individual profile.
This project is taking the form of several two dimensional installations in a gallery space, each portraying biological data such as DNA, weight, size, form, color or blood type. These physical datum combines with digital information such as binary code, pixels, web profile, and geolocation to mask themselves from the same technologies they appropriate. The merger of these two types of information wishes to create a conflict that will transgress the limits and the form of the body in both time and space.
Each installation will perform and act by itself to portray a different strategy of this non-political body. Throughout every installation the use of the color pink connects the pieces together and embodies a form of self-personification. 

 All the photographs exhibit manipulated imagery of the human body and constructed figure of self-representation.By being on the ground, they act as profile picture exclusively understood by the human eye and embody a form of protective shield to the satellite and drone imagery.  

Finally, Topography of the Invisible Self aims to operate as of form of resistance, free from the repressive and interpretative power of machines, and also propose active ways to depict the self to the world in a new genre of selfie.
Installation Topography of the Invisible Self (Selfies), 42"x42", inkjet prints, Concordia University Studio, 2019.