In May 2017, after moving from the Plateau/Mile-end neighbourhood of Montreal to the Mile-ex/ Parc-ex area, I began to be interested in the new colour and shape of the habitat surrounding me. Mile-ex/ Parc-ex is an area of rapid change and growth and has been subjected to a new wave of changes over the past ten years.

With this project, l create an installation that portrays the new visual identity of Montreal. This has been done by integrating imagery of the condos and growing infrastructure of the city with the physical materials that have been used to build this new city. This work also seeks to question our relationship with the urban eternal growth while still honouring this city.

By reordering colors, texture and abstract forms, I create a coherent atmosphere linked to my personal vision of the changing materiality of my adopted neighbourhood. In exploring the emergence of this “new Montreal”, this installation create a narrative that follows the merging of the existing infrastructure and the rise of a new occupation of space.
Installation In May 2017, Vav Gallery, Festival Art Matters,14'x6', inkjet prints, plastic, wood, aluminium, March 2018