Composites of Blueprints is a series of 8 tableaux composed of black and white photographs that propose to reveal a single image by structuring it around a set of associative images or by making it a product of its own re-contextualisation. By doing so, these tableaux open a photographic window to a world of layers.
This project is composed of a series of twenty-eight black and white photograph depicting the materiality of damaged urban surfaces. These photographs act as a metaphor on the surface of the image, but also as fragments of time and space. 
Composites of Blueprints combines the codes of the digital world and the materiality of the analog realm in order to rethink the surface of the photographic image as a doorway to a complex world of pixilated realities. 
Installation Composites of Blueprints, Va Gallery, 12'x2', wood, styrofoam, gyprock, inkjet, silver gelatine, acetate prints, 2019.