In 1968, The city of Saint Michel has been annexed to Montreal to become one of the nineteen boroughs of the town. Saint Michel had for a long time based most of its economy around agriculture, landfilling and mineral extraction.
The dormant Miron and Francon quarries still occupy the space and are labelled as transitional spaces. The neighbourhood of Saint Michel is wearing those unsteady and mutative sites like scars that create an uncanny, but fertile, territory. Fortunately, starting in 1988, most of this area has been rehabilitated in an Environmental Complex and became accessible to the public, yet it is still disconnected to the whole neighborhood.

Collective Blue is a three-dimensional installation taking the form of a geospatial laboratory that displays the physical element of the Environmental Complex of Saint Michel and propose a unique interpretation of it.

This project is reconnecting transitional spaces to exist in a collective realm, but also to create new spatial stories that can resonate at an individual level and be reinterpreted. By examining and transporting geological elements in a new physical reality, this project creates a new identity of the Saint-Michel Environmental Complex.
It relocates physical samples and documentation of this site in order to tell a story that can be de-contextualized to its original narrative within the neutral space of the gallery. Therefore, this installation transforms a place into a space that can be read or studied with a distinctive perspective.
The installation absorbs, transforms and finally shares a rematerialized environment in order to create a unique narrative that questions our attachment to the land.It mirrors a scientific method in the collection of physical information to be revealed in an intimate laboratory. My methods appropriate this practice to capture space and time in a sociological way.
The color blue reveals the historical story of this place. It symbolises the religious iconography of the archangel Michael always portrayed in blue in the Christian religion.
Finally, Collective Blue is a recomposed archeological site that reveals a unique biography of the space by connecting its past to its possible future.  
Installation Collective Blue, Concordia University Studio, 8'x6, inkjet print, plastic, lights, December 2018.
Installation Collective Blue, Place Publique,Darling Foundry, 8'x6', inkjet, plastic, lights, December 2018.