Between physical and digital territories, our collective systems of private and public images exist in disconnection. My work seeks a third space of contingency between the corporeal body and public political bodies.
                  By compartmentalizing colors and abstracting ideas though the lens, I manipulate multichromatic images in order to create a segmented world of images intrinsically linked to a personal interpretation of my environment. Through the photographic medium, I explore a world increasingly composed of pixels. The synthesis between colors and surfaces in these arrangements merge the materiality of the body and its surroundings. In experimental installations, re-contexualized individual images create a distance between the physical world and the third idealized space.
                  I aim to reconnect emotions and personal experiences through spatial stories and represent new forms of a non-political body, one imposed by the representational gaze of the camera. I am interested in communicating my personal interpretation of the notion of territory by re-appropriating distinctive images of self-representation in order to redefine the line between what is personal and what is collective.

                  In this augmented age, the third space I’m creating is based on physical and digital segments of technological representation where a non-political form of the body can exist in a free form of self-representation. By creating my own physical algorithm through repetitive patterns and colors gradients, I reorganize the world into a rhizome of cohesive unity and collectiveness.